Shining Angels


Insure Disaster recovery

The disaster that happened in Sangli and Kolhapur, Maharashtra caused serious calamities to the people who lived there.

Kolhapur Flood : There are many lives which have been effected due to the floods arrived in Kolhapur. We provided food and clothes to the people. Our small help has helped them to survive at least for a few days. A lot many activities were performed by our group.

Sangli : We helped one person who was affected. Namely, Chandrabhaga Varote who was a sculptor from Arey village in Karvir Taluka who used to make idols of deities for a living, till the first week of August 2019 Her small but pakka house collapsed on August 8 rendering her homeless and jobless. We supported her in terms of shifting to a new place and also provided the necessary support to build up her new home