Shining Angels

About us

Shining angels Registerd Under Bombay Trust Act 1950/f53812(m).

The Shining angels Association is a Mumbai based govt registered organization. The SHINING ANGELS NGO is dedicated to work for BASIC education, DIGITAL Education, HEALTH AWARENESS PROGRAMS for children. Our NGO works for the welfare of underprivileged children in the field of health and Education. Shining angels is Registered Under Bombay Trust Act 1950/f53812(m)....
The Journey to start a social cause started from 2012 but the real work started from 2019, focusing on alleviating poverty and social justice. As per statistics, more than 50 million people are living in extreme poverty line. Our organization serves to the poor and needy. In order, to raise children very well. Our organization the Shining Angels Association {F 53812(M)} received 12A (a) certificate and the details are numbered as 49065 under income tax act 1961 dated 07/03/2017 and 80G certified organization with PAN No. AANTS1431N.

We deliver

Health and Hope to the World

Our NGO works in a different way. “Action Speaks Louder than words” you may have heard this phrase we actually prove it by delivering it to the children in means of health camps, educate them and etc....Our Shining Angels team visit different children at different locations to educate them in the way they need. It is primarily due to our team efforts that the children and parents are also takes interest and becomes a participant. Our small step towards these campaigns would bring a lot of change in people’s lives. Your gift will give the most vulnerable patients, families and children around the world access to healthcare and access to hope.
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