Shining Angels


Secure child necessity

Our daily work is to provide maximum facilities to the children and running campaigns would increase livelihood that is means of securing the necessities of their life.
We are continuously working to make their life stable and secure for them. Our day-to-day job is to distribute food to school children,to run campaigns of health care, educate children, etc. Social issues which we have given priority and came up with the idea of performing campaigns which would help the needy and poor people. As an NGO, social issues are taken into consideration and solutions are also been given.

Blood Campaign :
We conduct blood donation campaigns in Mumbai and parts of Maharashtra. The Blood is simultaneously collected and then sent across hospitals which are in need of blood.

Food Distribution :
We provide the food to various areas where food is a major need for people.

Healthy India :
This campaign is provided as to give food to the needy and also facilitate vaccines and other required necessities to a children various locations.